TrendRida Gives Mobile Picks for 2011

Phil Pearlman

The @TrendRida has been right as rain on mobile over the past year and more. He’s modest about it too but he knows a ton about the space from the inside out.

He wrote a great blog post on the subject where he goes into detail on the stocks in his basket for next year.  He likes $QCOM $OPEN $AAPL $RVBD $FFIV so click on over and read his rationale.

As well, he provides some insight into how he successfully focuses in on a strong trending space and then makes sure he knows everything about it in order to capitalize. He writes:

Chipotle and Deckers are two great growth stocks in Cramer’s FADS CAN thesis. However, they are outliers.  All of the other companies are mobile related.  Just like he replaced stocks in his original thesis – a day may come when he replaces these two or others. Will he replace those with mobile companies, restaurants or retailers?

I have found that as a trend progresses I become more knowledgeable in the area.  Thus, by focusing on a trend my stock selection process becomes more efficient.  I’m not saying that my way is right and Cramer’s way is wrong, but focusing on stocks within a trend works best for me.  In 2011, my portfolio will be anchored by the QOFAR five.  I am sure I will be sprinkling in other mobile jewels as the year progresses.

Here’s a screencast @TrendRida made highlighting his picks and providing more color:

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